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User Agreement

October 24, 2016

This User Agreement ("Agreement") is an agreement between Verio and the party set forth in the related Registration Form ("User" or "You" and "Your") incorporated herein by reference (together with any subsequent Registration Forms or other online signup, acceptance or order form submitted by User, the "Registration Form"), and applies to the purchase of all services ordered by User on the Registration Form (collectively, the "Services"). 
As used herein the term "User" and "You" shall also include any and all users, Customers, subscribers, affiliates (including without limitations Users or non-Users to whom Verio provides links or banners to promote the services or products of Verio or any third party the services or products of which are offered by or obtained through or in connection with Ccaweb), resellers or others (i) who sign up for, use or obtain services or products from Ccaweb or from any third party services or products of which are offered by or obtained through or in connection with Verio, or (ii) who visit the Web sites of Verio or of any such third party.

Acceptable Use Policy  

We've developed this Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) to help our Customers understand their responsibilities when using our services. It explains our policies regarding activities that may be harmful to our Users or compromise the efficiency of our shared hosting environment
We may take preventative or corrective action, at our discretion, in response to any of the activities described in this AUP, along with any activities that contradict the spirit of this AUP or the nature of the Internet as an open, efficient method of communicating and conducting business
To meet the changing needs of our Users, our business, the Internet environment and the legal landscape, this AUP may be revised at any time and we encourage you to review this AUP on our Web site(s) periodically